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Understanding Children: The Challenge of Communication

Have you ever found yourself puzzled by a child’s behavior? Perhaps they look at you angrily, withdraw into their own world, or comply reluctantly with your requests—all while failing to communicate their true feelings.

This can be deeply frustrating. Despite your best efforts to be approachable and trustworthy, it might seem like nothing works, leaving you feeling inadequate and helpless.

A Simple Yet Powerful Solution

I understand these challenges firsthand from many sleepless nights trying to connect with children. However, everything changed when I introduced a hand puppet into my interactions.

Suddenly, children began to engage differently. The puppet opened up new avenues for communication—children felt safer and more willing to express themselves. This approach has not only made communication easier but also more enjoyable and filled with moments of spontaneous joy and trust.

Why Puppets Work

A hand puppet offers what we as adults cannot—a unique, non-threatening channel for interaction that children instinctively trust. By utilizing this dynamic, you can double your communicative possibilities: speak as yourself and through the puppet, encouraging children to explore language, express their thoughts, and actively participate.

Plan, play, Connect

Your Three-Step Puppet Playbook

Make a Plan

Start to Play

Connect with the Child

Bridge the Gap and Regain Control

Lower the threshold, bridge the gap, get back in control and no longer feel inadequate. If inaction hasn’t helped, if traditional methodes didn’t helped, this approach will.

Starting to use a puppet will empower you to create engaging and accessible interactions with children, revitalizing your connection and effectiveness.

You have the right to a tool that makes your life easier and your connections deeper.


Hear from our clients

Our clients love working with us, just read what they have to say!

“In one word: amazing! I enjoyed all the knowledge you’ve shared. Because of you, I’ve gained more courage to use my puppet, even in a 5th-grade class.״
“Helen teaches you how to really start storytelling through a hand puppet. She begins with very simple and accessible topics that I had never thought of before. ״
“I benefited a lot from the course. It opened up a whole new world for me; I had never looked at a puppet in this way before.״
Independent Contractor
“Helen gave me the confidence that I can really get started with my puppet. She shows a combination of knowledge and practice.״

Lower The Barriers Through The Use of A Puppet

Discover what it can bring you

Lower The Barriers Through The Use of A Puppet

Discover what this approach can bring you