I enjoy incorporating my puppet into everyday topics and activities. This approach allows the puppet to become a familiar presence, helping children build a connection with it and lowering their hesitation to participate in activities.

In this video, I’ll show you an example where I aimed to teach children new words—in this case, Dutch words. I’ve employed a song you might find familiar to aid in this learning process.

And now I am curios if there pops a song in your head, your puppet can sing together with children. If so, let me know 🙂


I am a former teacher, passionate trainer, and author of the book 'The Hand Puppet as an Educational Tool'. As an expert in using hand puppets to strengthen relationships, challenge language development, and increase children's engagement, I work with parents, educators, childcare professionals, counselors, therapists and others who want to use a puppet as a bridgebuilder. I teach you how to bring a hand puppet to life, make it recognizable, and effectively integrate it into your conversations and activities. My playful and relationship-oriented approach helps you see more from children, communicate with them in different ways, and enhance their participation.

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