About Helen

My Story

It all started in my classroom, with a simple hope that a hand puppet might engage a quiet child. That initial experiment, though not entirely successful, sparked a lifelong quest. I delved into the world of hand puppets, exploring their potential as educational and therapeutic tools. This led to the founding of handpop.nl in 2004, a platform dedicated to the craft and utility of hand puppets.

Philosophy and Approach

At the heart of my work is the belief that hand puppets are more than mere toys; they are tools for unlocking a child’s world. My unique ‘puppetcoachapproach’ and ‘chitchat method’ transform the puppet into a child’s friend and confidant, facilitating learning, emotional expression, and social development.

Vision and Goals

My vision is to transform the pedagogical landscape through the effective use of hand puppets. By training and inspiring others, I aim to spread the joy and effectiveness of this tool to as many children and educators as possible.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing

-George Bernard Shaw

Experience and Credentials

  • Former primary school teacher
  • Founder and owner of handpop.nl (2004-2019)
  • Author of “JaNee heeft Alles” and “The Hand Puppet As An Educational Tool”
  • Producer of the DVD “JaNee babbelt”
  • YouTuber and content creator, featuring puppet-based educational methods
  • Developer of the ‘chitchat method’ for effective puppet communication
  • Crkbo registered instructor and training institute
  • Founder of a professional training program for hand puppet coaches

Services Offered

I offer a range of services aimed at empowering educators, therapists, parents, and anyone interested in the power of hand puppets:

  • Tailored training and workshops on the hand puppet as a tool
  • Personalized coaching sessions for effective hand puppet use
  • Online courses and resources for remote learning

and you can assess what you need for each situation to get where you want to be.

Feel free to email me or schedule a meeting. I operate from Bonaire (Caribbean Netherlands) AST timezone.

With love,

Lower The Barriers Through The Use of A Puppet

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