About Me

For me as an educator, the hand puppet is indispensable. Not only because it brings so much pleasure and is an instrument with which I can actively shape what I want to pass on to a child. But mainly because the hand puppet reminds me why I love working for and with children.

The hand puppet has enriched my life, as a teacher and educator, but also as a person

In A Nutshell:

I am:

  • A primary school teacher
  • Founder and owner of handpop.nl (2004-2019)
  • Author of articles in various professional journals
  • Author of the book "JaNee heeft Alles" (only Dutch)
  • Author of the book "De handpop als pedagogisch hulpmiddel" translated as "The Hand Puppet As An Educational Tool"
  • Producer of the DVD "JaNee babbelt" (Dutch)
  • YouTuber
  • Developer of the 'chitchat method'
  • Developer of the 'puppetcoachapproach'
  • Founder of the professional training program for hand puppet coaches
  • Crkbo registered instructor
  • Crkbo registered training institute

I live on Bonaire (Caribbean Netherlands) and mainly work online.

With a hand puppet you literally have the possibilities in your own hands, I'd love to help you make the most of them


My mission is rooted in the belief that every voice, especially that of children, deserves to be heard. In my hand puppet approach, the puppet becomes a friend and coach of the child. He builds a safe and trusting relationship with the child and therefore offers you a unique opportunity to collect information from different perspectives. The puppet can challenge the child to push boundaries, practice new skills or participate in conversations and activities.

This method originated from my own story. I learned at a young age to mainly adapt to my environment and to focus on others at the expense of my own needs and wishes. That has haunted me for years and made me aware of the need to teach children ways to express themselves from an early age. I am convinced that the hand puppet can play a wonderful supporting role in this. I discovered the power of the hand puppet by chance, but was able to make a difference for the children I had in my class. My motivation is to help children express themselves, empower them and make their voices heard. I achieve this by teaching as many adults as possible how to harness the incredible potential of the hand puppet.

By using the hand puppet, you help children to show more of themselves and to adapt less. The puppet offers children a unique opportunity to gain new experiences, strengthen their self-confidence and stand up for themselves. It's truly remarkable how easily children accept a puppet and learn from it in ways they otherwise wouldn't. My wish is that every child can experience the friendship and support of a hand puppet, and that you receive the information you need through a hand puppet to allow the child to take the steps you deem necessary in a safe and inviting way.

I would love to work with you, whether you are a parent, caregiver, educator or professional, to help children express their true selves and realize their full potential. I love to guide and teach you how to use the power of the hand puppet in your daily practice. Are you in for a new and playful adventure?

What makes my approach different is that my approach always revolves around the perspective of the child.

It's not a puppet show, not puppeteering, not role-playing, and not therapy. Instead, it's a relationship-oriented approach where it's not you encouraging and challenging the child, but your puppet.

Working with a hand puppet as a tool is dynamic. Although there are some standard recipes, it's more about understanding what the 'puppet-effect' is. Once you understand how it works, you can develop your own uniqueness and use the puppet in any situation, with any child, and for any goal. This provides tremendous freedom.

Every Situation is Different

What works in one situation may not work in another. I don't provide you with a recipe that always works, but rather the ingredients that you can mix yourself.

Every Child is Different

Building a relationship revolves around observing and listening to a child. I provide you with the questions and prompts, and you combine them to fit each child.

Every goal is different

With the right tools, goals become within reach. I will teach you how to combine some very common tools with your puppet to get where you want to be with a child.

Every puppeteer is unique

You are unique in how you utilize the puppet and what you aim to achieve. I will assist you in finding an approach that aligns with your style, works for you, and is sustainable.


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