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I am on a mission to transform connections with children through a puppet, because I believe every child deserves a friend to assist them in growing and understanding; a puppet serves as such a friend.

Your partnership can turn this mission into reality, creating a lasting impact in children’s lives.

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Join me in spreading the word about the value and power of puppets to aid children’s growth through my engaging courses and resources, while earning extra income along the way. As an affiliate, you’ll earn a 40% commission for every sale made through your unique link. Together, let’s make a difference and boost your earnings simultaneously.

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An online toolkit filled with resources to learn more about using Puppet Power and see the puppet in action

40% commission = $2,80 per conversion

Price $47,-

Plug into divers and interactive activities with you puppet. A done for you year long mail sequence

40% commission = $18,80 per conversion

Price $97,-

Master puppet power essential skills and make a difference. An online step-by-step course

40% commission = $38,80 per conversion

Who is our offer designed for?

At the core of our initiatives stands a unique individual known as the “playful catalyst.”

The playful catalyst is an agent of change, wielding playfulness, humor, and creativity to not only captivate but profoundly engage children and adults alike.

Our Target Audience: We are reaching out to those who view the puppet as a possible companion in their interactions—be it educators, therapists, caregivers, or anyone committed to enriching the lives of children. Our playful catalysts are professionals and enthusiasts who believe in the transformative power of play. They understand that through the simplicity of play, complex barriers in communication can be dismantled, and creative solutions can emerge. They are adept at leveraging every opportunity to introduce play into everyday situations, thereby strengthening bonds, fostering innovation, and building positive and lasting relationships.

Our materials and methods are designed for these catalysts. If you see the potential of a puppet to act as a friend and facilitator, to lower thresholds for participation, and to build a stronger connection with children, then our offer is tailored for you. The playful catalyst approach is flexible and adaptive, always aiming to create a safe, inviting environment where individuals, especially children, feel encouraged to open up to new experiences and ideas.

We invite affiliates who share this vision, who can see beyond the conventional use of tools in education and therapy, and who are excited about the prospect of making a significant impact through joy, play, and creativity. Join us in this mission to spread the word about the remarkable role of the playful catalyst in fostering environments where learning, growth, and connection flourish.

Affiliate Program Details - How It Works

How do we help you?

Just as our ‘playful catalyst’ is indispensable in our work, so are you to us. We understand that our offering is innovative and may not be for everyone, which can raise questions. To support you, we have compiled an extensive database of information and videos that you can use to promote the power of our puppets. Please let us know what you need, if anything is missing from the materials we provide, and how we can supply you with examples that aid you. Remember, we are a team; our collaboration is a two-way street. We are here for you, just as we hope you are there for us. Here’s what we currently have to offer:

1. Detailed Product Information: We provide comprehensive information on each product, including unique selling points, target audience analysis, and usage instructions, so you are well-informed about what you are promoting.

2. Marketing Materials: To support your promotional efforts, we offer access to a range of marketing materials such as banners, images, and ready-to-use social media posts.

3. Personal Support: Our team is available to provide personal support for any questions or challenges, ensuring you are never alone in your efforts.

4. Regular Updates: You will receive updates on product developments, promotional campaigns, and market trends, keeping you informed of the latest developments.

5. Feedback and Improvement: We are open to feedback and offer opportunities for collaboration in refining promotional activities and strategies.

6. Exclusive Offers: We provide exclusive offers and promotions to our best affiliates, allowing you to offer more value to your audience.

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