Dressing up a puppet is always fun and gives you options. Clothing also allows you to visually take him into a theme, for example. Many children love it when their favorite class puppet changes outfits regularly.

But what do you do, if you don’t have a human puppet, but an animal puppet. According to one of my students, her animal puppet did not fit any clothes. It was about Sem the giraffe from Living Puppets and that one I have in my closet, so I could test it. (For those who don’t know him, Sem is fantastic, that is such a hugely appropriate puppet for very young children, you should just buy it if you see one, he really has everything, but you’ll find that out for yourself today I think :D)

I gladly accepted the challenge, and from that came these videos. They have English subtitles, so you can understand what I’m saying I think.

Well, that’s nothing bad at all right? Sem can wear many children’s clothes in size 68 (EU) Some garments you may need to shorten, and with others you may need a strap, string or piece of yarn to make it fit just a little better. It’s really just like your own clothes 🙂

I know from experience, (I sold hand puppets for 15 years remember?), that many Living Puppets animal puppets can wear children’s clothes. So just try it out and then start at size 68. If that is too big, choose a smaller size and you do that until you find the best size. If you dare, take your puppet to the store and fit it on the spot. That’s guaranteed a lot of fun and great conversations.

Until another blog.


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