Folkmanis - If you like it as real as possible

Monarch Butterfly

Small Funky Chicken

Funny Frog

Ragdoll Cat

Baby Lob Rabbit

Bleating Sheep

Pack Rat

Grunting Pig

Grey Mouse

Funny Bird


Little Monkey

White Mouse

Rabbit in Hat


Wooley Sheep

Bear in Tree


Black Cat

Polar Bear Cup

Funny Chicken

Hermit Crab


Worm in Apple

Enchanted Tree

Red Squirrel

Purring Cat

Floppy Bunny Rabbit

Baby Orangutan

Little Pig

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Puppets in Action

Puppets on this page and puppets from the same series used in videos

Transform Your Connection with Children Through A Puppet, Because Every Child Professional Deserves a Tool That Helps Them Thrive

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