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This are all puppets that are available on Amazon

The availability of puppets can vary depending on your location. I have searched on and (where this brand is based). I've created different Amazon accounts in various countries to see what I can order from each. The availability of the Living Puppets brand is much lower outside Europe. For non-Europeans, this means a bit more effort is required. However, I can say that they are worth it. Living Puppets hand puppets are the best I know.

Finja 45 cm

Amy 45 cm

Fibi 45 cm

Tanni 45 cm

Lisha 45 cm

Pelle 45 cm

Peter 45 cm

Jo 45 cm

Lasse 45 cm

Erik 65 cm

Fabian 65 cm

Florian 65 cm

Lutzi 65 cm

Peter 65 cm

Joep 65 cm

Bendix 65 cm

Gerrit 65 cm

Chrischi 65 cm

Bodo 65 cm

Mr. Sunday 65 cm

Tessa 65 cm

Hanna 65 cm

Ilselotte 65 cm

Lana 65 cm

Monique 65 cm

Lene 65 cm

Marleen 65 cm

Lillabel 65 cm

Grandfather 65 cm

Grandmother 65 cm

Pirate 65 cm

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Puppets in Action

Puppets on this page and puppets from the same series used in videos

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