The Hand Puppet That Opens Doors to Your Child's World

Create a Tool to Understand Your Child Even Better

You're familiar with hand puppets as toys. Children often use them to better understand their world and to practice scenarios that they find a bit intimidating, where they need some help, or in situations where they'd like to take shelter behind the puppet.

When you start seeing a hand puppet through the eyes of a child, you begin to realize it's a tool that can build a bridge between your world and your child's. It's a way to connect with your child differently, encouraging you to think and act more playfully and 'outside the box.' Moreover, it provides access to your child's inner world, revealing things they might not tell you on their own—simply because you are an adult, and the puppet is not.

Once you discover the power of the hand puppet and understand how you can use it to strengthen your relationship with your child, you will embrace the puppet, just as I have, and never want to let it go.

The Added Value of the Puppet for You as a Parent or Grandparent:

Open & Easier Communication

A child finds it easier to talk to a puppet and shares more with it

Fostering Growth and Development

A puppet can challenge a child to try new things

Insight into Your Child's Mind and Needs

Through the puppet, you discover what else is on your child's mind

Family Interaction and Engagement

The puppet becomes a part of the family and brings joy

Discover how a puppet can elicit a completely different story from your child than you can. Use its friendliness and inviting character to challenge your child, fostering growth and development. Gain insights into the needs of your child and experience how the bond with your child becomes stronger.

Would you like to know more or try using a puppet yourself? Have a look here or send me an email at; I'd be happy to think along with you.

The Hand Puppet as an Educational Tool is a comprehensive guide to incorporating hand puppets seamlessly into your teaching arsenal. With step-by-step instructions, practical tips, and inspiring teaching exercises, you'll be able to create a safe and dynamic space for children to grow, learn, and express themselves in a way that suits them best.

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Discover the educational benefits of using hand puppets to stimulate a child’s mind and encourage them to better express and challenge themselves in life. Unleash the Power of Playful Learning with The Hand Puppet as an Educational Tool

  • Discover why children respond so well to hand puppets and the educational benefits they offer.
  • Learn how to transform a hand puppet into a powerful educational tool.
  • Explore the different styles of hand puppets and discover which ones work best for your teaching goals.
  • Dive into a world of possibilities with hand puppets, exploring various lessons and activities.
  • Master the art of puppetry and develop a strong connection with your students.
  • Gain expert guidance on introducing hand puppets into your classroom and maximizing their impact.
  • And much more!


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